4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Free printable reading comprehension worksheets and quizzes. Print the one-page reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the online interactive quizzes. Recommended level: 4th Grade and up

Ruby, The Elephant Artist Informational Text
When Ruby, a 7 month old elephant from Thailand, came to the Phoenix Zoo in 1974, she was the only elephant at the zoo. Read more.

Don't Talk to the Parrot! Funny Fiction
Jada’s oven didn't work, so she called someone to fix it. Since she had to go to work in the morning, she left a note for the repairman, Ben. Read more.

Secret Code Talkers Informational Text
In 1942, 29 men from the Navajo Nation were hired by the United States Marines. Their job was to develop a military code in their native language. Read more.

Finn's New House Irish Fairy Tale
Long ago, in the Irish countryside, Finn and Mona bought some land. Read more.

April Fish! Informational Text
Around the world, April 1 is a day when people try to fool their friends. In France, April Fool's Day is called "Poisson d'avril." In English that means "fish of April." Read more.

Who is Rosa Parks? Biography
IRosa Parks, now referred to as "the mother of the freedom movement," was an African American who worked as a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama. Read more.

Extinct Turtle Found News Story
A forest turtle, thought to be extinct and gone forever, has been discovered in a forest in Myanmar. Read more.

Chinese New Year Traditions Informational Text
Chinese New Year is celebrated all over the world. In China, it's a time when families take holidays and get together. Read more.

Who is Sacagawea? Biography
Sacagawea was born in 1788 in an area near the Rocky Mountains that is now part of Idaho. She was part of the Shoshone tribe where her father was the chief. Read more.

The Devil Frog Giant Informational Text
It was bigger than a beach ball and it lived more than 60 million years ago. It's the giant devil frog, and it may be the largest frog that ever lived. Read more.

The Dagda's Harp Irish Legend
The Dagda is a "good god" in Irish mythology. He had great magic powers and a beautiful harp that could control weather and crops. More importantly, this magic harp could control people's emotions and feelings. Read more.

The Hairy Toe Scary American Folktale
Once there was an old man who lived in the woods. He went out to dig up some roots to cook for dinner and saw something odd sticking out of the leaves. Read more.

The Pueblo People Informational Text
More than twenty five different tribes of Native Americans lived in the southwestern area of the United States. Many of these tribes lived in villages called pueblos and became known as the Pueblo people. Read more.

The Medals of Eternal Friendship Informational Text
Japanese pole vaulters Shuhei Nishida and Sueo Oe competed in the 1936 Berlin Games. An American won the gold medal, but the Japanese teammates tied for second place. Read more.

The Fighter from Thasos Greek Legend
Theagenes was a huge sports hero in Ancient Greece. He was famous by the time he was 9 years old when he tested his strength by tearing down a large statue in the town square and carrying it home by himself. Read more.

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