Funny Stories Reading Comprehension

Laugh and Learn with these free printable reading comprehension funny stories. Print the reading passage for offline use or test comprehension and close reading with the fun online quiz game. Recommended level: 3rd Grade and up

A Fishy Tale

George walks into a seafood restaurant and sees a sign that says, "Lobster Tails, $1 each."

George says to the server, "Those must be very small lobster tails if you're selling them so cheaply."

"No. They are normal size," replies the server.

"Then they must not be too fresh," says George.

"No," says the server. "They are fresh today."

"There must be something wrong with them," says George.

"No. They are just regular lobster tails," says the server.

"OK," says George, "I'll have one."

The server takes George's money, sits down beside him and says, "Once upon a time, there was a big red lobster..."

Which word in the title gives a clue to the "joke" of the story.
Tale Which of these has an incorrect spelling?
Tell me a tale.
She is eating a lobster tail.
The dog's tale is wagging.
The dog's tale is wagging. Why did George think the lobster tails would be small?
The price was cheap.
It was not lobster season.
The picture of the lobster was small.
The price was cheap. Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Which of these pairs are NOT homophones?
tail   tale
sea   see
fish   dish
fish   dish What mistake did the restaurant make?
They spelled the word "lobster" incorrectly.
The word "tail" should be "tale".
They charged too much for a lobster tail.
The word "tail" should be "tale". How did the restaurant trick George?
They gave him shrimp instead of lobster.
They sold him a lobster tale instead of a lobster tail.
The sold him a crawfish tail instead of a lobster tail.
They sold him a lobster tale instead of a lobster tail.

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