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Eddie, the Sea Otter, Plays Basketball

The Oregon Zoo has a basketball star. His name is Eddie and he's a 16 year old sea otter.

Sixteen is old for a sea otter. Like other older animals and people, Eddie has sore joints. The only way to keep things from getting worse is by exercise. Eddie's legs get exercise from swimming. But how can Eddie exercise his sore elbows?

The staff at the Oregon Zoo had a good idea. Jenny DeGroot, the sea otter keeper, trained Eddie to put a ball through a basketball hoop in a pool behind his exhibit area at the zoo. Now, she says, Eddie is so good, he rarely misses a shot.

It's not a surprise that Eddie is good at shooting hoops. Sea otters in the wild are very good at using their front limbs. They grab rocks and use them to crack open clams and other shells.

Eddie really enjoys the exercise and loves the fishy treat he gets whenever he scores a basket. "He's definitely got game," says DeGroot.

Where does Eddie live?
at the San Diego Zoo
at the Oregon Zoo
in the Pacific Ocean
at the Oregon Zoo How old was Eddie when he learned to play basketball?
16 What does Eddie get as a reward for a basket?
a fish
a rock
a fish Who is Jenny DeGroot?
Eddie's trainer
Eddie's mother
the person who wrote this story
Eddie's trainer How do sea otters exercise their back legs?
by kicking rocks and shells
by playing basketball
by swimming
by swimming Where is Eddie's training pool?
behind his exhibit area
It's part of his exhibit area.
in California
behind his exhibit area How do sea otters in the wild exercise their arms?
by grabbing rocks and cracking shells
by playing basketball
by swimming
by grabbing rocks and cracking shells

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