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The Parrot with Attitude

On her 10th birthday, Vivi got a parrot as a gift.

After a few months the parrot became very rude and mean. Every word out of the parrot's mouth was nasty. Vivi tried and tried to change the bird's attitude. She only spoke polite words. She played soft music and did anything she could think of to improve the bird's behavior.

Nothing worked. When Vivi yelled at the parrot, the parrot yelled back. Vivi was really fed up. She shook the parrot's perch and the parrot only became worse. Finally Vivi totally lost her cool. Screaming, "Chill!" she grabbed the bird, and threw it in the freezer!

The parrot squawked and screamed, then suddenly stopped. Fearing that she hurt the parrot, Vivi opened the freezer.

The parrot calmly stepped out, flew to its perch, and in a quiet polite voice said, "I believe I may have offended you with my rude language and actions. I'm very sorry and I promise to behave properly from now on."

Vivi was stunned. "What brought on this change?" she asked the parrot.

"When I saw that turkey in the freezer, I got scared. It must have had a really bad attitude!"

How old is Vivi?
10 What was in Vivi's freezer that scared the parrot?
bird food
a turkey
hot dogs
a turkey Why did Vivi have a parrot?
She rescued it.
She got it as a birthday gift.
She bought it at the pet store.
She got it as a birthday gift. Why did Vivi throw the parrot in the freezer?
to calm it down
to kill it
to save it for dinner
to calm it down Which of these did Vivi not try to change the parrot's attitude?
She spoke quietly and politely.
She played soft music.
She took the parrot to a bird doctor.
She took the parrot to a bird doctor. Why did the parrot think the turkey was in the freezer?
It was close to holiday dinner time.
It was being punished for having a bad attitude.
It liked the cold temps.
It was being punished for having a bad attitude. What happened when Vivi yelled at the parrot?
The parrot flapped its wings.
The parrot flew in circles around Vivi.
The parrot yelled back.
The parrot yelled back.

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