3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets and Online Quizzes

Collection 2

Free printable reading comprehension worksheets and quizzes. Print the one-page reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the online interactive quizzes. Recommended level: 3rd Grade and up

Coyote and the Cheese Mexican Folktale
One night, when a big full moon was shining in the sky, Señor Coyote saw Conejo, the rabbit, sitting by a pond. "I'm going to eat you!" said Señor Coyote. Read more.

Raccoon Dance Party Funny Story
One night Ava heard noises coming from the attic. Thump, thump, tap, tap. It went on and on. Read more.

George Washington's Teeth Informational Text
All his life George Washington had problems with his teeth. By the time he became the first president when he was 57 years old, he had only one tooth. Why were his teeth so bad? Read more.

No Girls Allowed! Informational Text
Only men could take part in the ancient Olympic games. Married women were not even allowed to watch the events. Women caught sneaking in were punished. Read more.

chipmunk Why Chipmunks Have Stripes Legend
Long ago, Chipmunks had soft brown fur, but no stripes. Read more.

Photo of Blind Puppy and his Brother Goes Viral News Story
Jeffrey and Jermaine are not your average stray dogs. Jeffrey is blind, and Jermaine, his brother, is his guide dog. Read more.

What is an Aye-Aye? Informational Text
The aye-aye ("eye-eye") looks like a weird little gremlin. Read more.

The Lizard and the Sun Legend
A long time ago the sun disappeared from the sky. Read more.

Camping Under the Stars Funny Story
It was a very special weekend camping trip for Carlos and his daughter Emma. They packed up all their gear and headed out to the woods. Read more.

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