Funny Stories Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Laugh and Learn! Motivate reluctant readers with these free printable funny stories. Print the one-page reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the fun online reading quizzes. Recommended level: 2nd or 3rd Grade and up

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

Charlie and the Frog
What would you do with a talking frog in your pocket?
The Cat Who Loved Broccoli
Jack leads the pack... to broccoli!
Four Happy Penguins
These penguins know how to have fun!
How to Turn a Christmas Pudding into a Dog Toy
Burn a Christmas pudding? No problem for this dog.
A Bad Hair Day
You'll never have a bad hair day after visiting this salon.
The Centipede that Played Football
What a game... big animals vs. little animals
The Magic Pool
Be careful what you say around this strange pool!
Over or Under
It's a question often asked of Santa:
Do you sleep with your beard over or under the covers?
Little Frog, BIG MOUTH
Find out what happens when an annoying frog meets a hungry snake.
The Office Dog
You'll want to hire this dog after reading this.
Two Frogs Go to the Big City
These frogs need glasses!

3rd and 4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Camping Under the Stars
What could be better than seeing thousands of twinkling stars in the sky.
Animal Crackers
Look for the broken ones.
Cat and Mouse and Dog
These mice are prepared!
Swimmers Beware
Gators? Where?
The Lucky Underwear
Read about how Weston got his game on with his unusual lucky charm.
Dog Tired
Why does this dog come to Noah's house to have a nap?
Don't Talk to the Parrot!
Ben was very sorry he did.
Driving Has Gone to the Dogs
Want to go for a walk? Not these dogs!
The Vinder Viper
Was Caleb's house haunted by a snake?
The Parrot with Attitude
Vivi had a big problem on her hands with this badly behaved bird.
Raccoon Dance Party
Ava wasn't happy about the all night dance party in her attic.

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