Animal Stories Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Motivate reluctant readers with these free, one-page, printable short stories all about animals. Print the reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the fun online quiz games. Recommended level: 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Grade and up

2nd Grade Reading Comprehension

Why Owls Stare Legend
This Native American legend explains why.

Bunny Mom to Six Kittens News Story
These kittens may be hopping soon.
The Cat Who Loved Broccoli Funny Story
Jack leads the pack... to broccoli!

The Baby Owl and the Mop News Story
A baby owl's new best friend is a mop!
The Giant Panda Informational Text
This well loved animal is endangered.

Coyote and the Milky Way Legend
So that's how all those stars got to the night sky!
The Centipede that Played Football
What a game... big animals vs. little animals
How Pussy Willows Came to Be Legend
Read this old Polish legend to find out.

George Washington and His Dogs Informational Text
This president loved dogs.

Abraham Lincoln and His Cats Informational Text
This president loved cats.

The Office Dog Funny Story
You'll want to hire this dog after you read this.

Two Frogs Go to the Big City Funny Story
These frogs need glasses!

3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

How the Zebra Got its Stripes Legend
A tale from Uganda about how donkeys became zebras
The First Space Dogs Informational Text
These Russian dogs are far out!

How to Train your Dog to Play Basketball Informational Text
Make your dog a star!
Raccoon Dance Party Funny Story
Ava wasn't happy about a nightly dance party in her attic.

Why Lizards Can't Sit Legend
This legend will tell you.
ayeaye What is an Aye-Aye? Informational Text
Beware of the aye-aye's middle finger!

Coyote and the Cheese Folktale
A fun Mexican folktale about a rabbit and a coyote

The Little Brown Dog Fiction
A scary story!
chipmunkWhy Chipmunks Have Stripes Legend
Hint... a show-off Bear is involved.

The Parrot with Attitude Funny Story
Vivi had a big problem on her hands with this badly behaved bird.

Photo of Blind Puppy and his Brother Goes Viral News Story
10,000 offers came in to adopt these puppy brothers.
lizardThe Lizard and the Sun Legend
Help! The sun has disappeared. It's cold and dark.

4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Eddie, the Sea Otter, Plays Basketball Informational Text
This sea otter's got game!

The Devil Frog Giant Informational Text
Read about the biggest meanest frog ever.
Ruby Ruby, The Elephant Artist Informational Text
This elephant sold a painting for $25,000.

Driving Has Gone to the Dogs News Story
Want to go for a walk? Not these dogs!
parrotDon't Talk to the Parrot! Funny Story
Ben was very sorry he did.
Extinct Turtle Found News Story
Scientists discover a turtle thought to be extinct.

Animal Totems Informational Text
Which of the 12 animal totems are you?

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