Sports Stories Reading Comprehension Worksheets

Motivate reluctant readers with these free printable sports stories. Print the one-page reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the fun online reading quizzes. Recommended level: 3rd or 4th Grade and up

3rd Grade Reading Comprehension

How to Train your Dog to Play Basketball Informational Text
Make your dog a star!
No Girls Allowed! Informational Text
Women weren't allowed at the ancient Olympic games... not even to watch!
The Centipede that Played Football Funny Story
What a game... big animals vs. little animals

A Lucky Loonie Informational Text
What is a loonie and how did it end up at center ice?
The Lucky Underwear Funny Story
Read about how Weston got his game on with his unusual lucky charm.

Who is Tom Longboat? Informational Text
This Native Canadian did it his way and won the Boston Marathon.
Eddie the Sea Otter Plays Basketball Informational Text
This sea otter's got game!

4th Grade Reading Comprehension

Bobsledding Jamaican-style Informational Text
Read about the hottest thing on ice.
The Medals of Eternal Friendship Informational Text
Imagine competing for an Olympic medal against your best friend.

Who is Willie O'Ree? Informational Text
He was the National Hockey League's first black player.
The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth Informational Text
Find out why Jackie Mitchell only lasted a few months in a pro league.
What is the Iditarod? Informational Text
Ride on a dog sled guided by mushers in this race through Alaska.
Ancient Greek Olympic Idols Informational Text
In ancient Greece, athletes were rock stars.
Competitive Top Spinning in China Informational Text
Spinning a top in China is not just child's play.

The Fighter from Thasos Informational Text/Legend
Read about the awesome strength of this boy in Ancient Greece.

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