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Screams from the Dental Office

Oliver is one of those kids who doesn't mind going to the dentist. He brushes his teeth every day, goes for check-ups, and hasn't ever had a toothache.

It is after school and Oliver is calmly sitting in the dentist's chair having his regular check-up.

The dentist is looking at Oliver's teeth, gently poking and prodding. So far, it's looking good - no cavities, no problems.

Suddenly the dentist stops and says, "Would you mind screaming as loud as you possibly can?"

"But why?" says Oliver. "It doesn't hurt at all."

"I know," says the dentist. "I have a waiting room full of patients and the basketball game starts in an hour!"

Where does this story take place?
at a dentist's office
at the hospital
in the principal's office
at a dentist's office Oliver takes pretty good care of his teeth.
It doesn't say in the story.
True Oliver hates going to the dentist.
It doesn't say in the story.
False What strange thing does the dentist ask Oliver to do?
stand on his head
bite him
scream loudly
scream loudly Why is Oliver at the dentist's?
He has a toothache.
He's having a check-up.
He's getting braces.
He's having a check-up. Why was Oliver surprised that the dentist wanted him to scream?
There were no problems.
Nothing was hurting him.
Both are true.
Both are true. Why does the dentist want Oliver to scream?
to scare away the patients waiting
to test out his voice
to scare away a mouse
to scare away the patients waiting Why does the dentist want to leave the office quickly?
The dentist has to pick up his daughter.
The dentist isn't feeling well.
to catch a basketball game
to catch a basketball game

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