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Bird Feet, Bird Name

Nora is not looking forward to science class. There is a new science teacher and Nora has not done any of her homework.

Nora walks into the classroom and sees that the new teacher has put four birds on a table. The teacher has a cover on them so that only their feet show.

"What's this?" Nora asks the teacher.

"It's a test," says the teacher. "Your job is to name each bird by looking at its feet."

Nora, being a bit of a loud-mouth, shouts, "What a stupid test!"

The teacher is surprised and a bit angry at Nora's behavior. She yells back to Nora, "Don't you think you're being a little rude? What is your name?"

Nora takes off her shoes and socks and answers, "You tell me!"

How many birds were on the classroom table?
4 What parts of the birds were uncovered?
the wings
the feet
the heads
the feet Where does this story take place?
at a bird sanctuary
on the beach
at a school
at a school Nora had done her homework and was prepared for the test.
It doesn't say in the story.
False What is the science teacher testing?
bird habitats
how birds fly
how to tell a bird by its feet
how to tell a bird by its feet Why is Nora not looking forward to science class?
There's a new teacher.
Nora hasn't done her homework.
Both are true.
Both are true. Why do you think the teacher didn't know Nora's name?
The teacher was new.
It was Nora's first day in science class.
The teacher has a very bad memory.
The teacher was new. Why does Nora remove her shoes and socks?
so the teacher could see her feet
Her feet were warm.
to compare her feet to the bird feet
so the teacher could see her feet Why does Nora show her feet to the teacher?
to show that they were clean
to prove her point that you can't tell a name by seeing the feet
The test answers were written on her feet.
to prove her point that you can't tell a name by seeing the feet

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