2nd Grade Reading Comprehension Stories

Free printable short stories for 2nd grade and up. Print the one-page reading passages for offline use or test comprehension with the online interactive quiz games.

Funny Stories
Charlie and the Frog
Charlie was walking home from school one day and saw a frog on the road. The frog hopped over to Charlie and started to speak. Read more.

Four Happy Penguins
A man at the gas station asks Polly, "Why are four penguins sitting in your car?" Read more.

The Magic Pool
One day, Evan and his friends, Zoya and Jamal, walk in the woods and find a magic pool. Read more.

Little Frog, Big Mouth
A little frog was hopping down the road when he saw a cat. The frog shouted, "CAT, WHAT DO YOU EAT?"Read more.

Stop Pulling My Hair!
Camila is 5 years old. She loves going to the park with Bruno, her father. Read more.

Snowmen Save the Day
In the small town of Pineville, it snowed non-stop for five days. Snow covered the roads, the houses, and the trees. On the sixth day, everything changed. Read more.

Legends and Folktales
Two Frogs Go to the Big City
Two frogs lived in a very small village. They always wanted to see the big city that was far away. Read more.

How Pussy Willows Came to Be
A long time ago, a mother cat was crying at the bank of the river. Her kittens were drowning. Read more.

Coyote and the Milky Way
Coyote wanted to help put stars in the night sky. "No problem", thought Coyote. "This is easy." Read more.

Why Owls Stare
Once upon a time Owl and Pigeon met and talked. "There are more owls than pigeons," said Owl. "No way,” said Pigeon. Read more.
Sight Word Stories
Magic Zoo
The first thing you see at the zoo is a wizard on a camel. The wizard takes you to the elephants. Read more.

Sounds Scary
A rabbit hops up to you and says, "I think something bad is in my cave. Please help me." Read more.

Informational Text
How Are You Like a Giraffe?
Even though a giraffe has a very, very long neck, it has the same number of bones in its neck as you do. Read more.

Dolphins Just Want to Have Fun
What do dolphins do for fun? They love to leap out of the water. It is great fun for them to jump and play. Read more.

What is a Wombat?
Wombats live in Australia. They look like small fat bears. A wombat has a nose like a pig and a big bottom. Read more.

Abraham Lincoln and His Cats
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, loved cats. He played with them for hours. Read more.

News Stories
Old Bird, New Mom
An albatross named Wisdom is the oldest wild bird in the world. At the age of 62 she laid an egg and hatched a baby chick. Read more.

Bunny Mom to 6 Kittens
Left by their mother, six tiny kittens have found themselves being taken care of by a surprise new mom - a rabbit. Read more.

Milk Can Stuck on Bear's Head
A Vermont black bear was looking for food in the woods. It looked into an old milk can and got its head stuck! Read more.

The Baby Owl and the Mop
Lightning, a 2-month old baby owl, has a new best friend - a mop! Read more.

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