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Raccoon Dance Party

Ava lived alone in an old house in the city. During the day, Ava worked very hard at the car factory. At night she looked forward to a nice quiet sleep in her big soft bed.

One night Ava heard noises coming from the attic. Thump, thump, tap, tap. It went on and on. She climbed up to the attic and saw three raccoons jumping around. They looked like they were dancing!

She tried to chase the raccoons outside, but they hid before she could shoo them away. By the time she got downstairs, the raccoon dance party was back.

Ava tried everything to get rid of the raccoons, but they wouldn't leave. Every night it was raccoon party time!

Ava was very tired. After a few days of no sleep, she thought to herself, "If the raccoons can disturb my sleep, I can disturb theirs!"

Ava looked for the loudest, noisiest rock music. She found the biggest most powerful speakers. When the sun came up and all was quiet in the attic, she knew that the raccoons were sleeping.

Ava put the music on full blast. It was so noisy! She wore ear plugs and left the music on for 2 hours. "That should do it!" thought Ava.

She was right! The raccoons couldn't stand the loud music. They left the attic and never returned.

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Where did Ava live?
on a farm
in an old house
in an apartment
in an old house What was making the noise in the attic?
heavy rain
raccoons Where is an attic?
in the backyard
upstairs Where did Ava work?
in a music store
at a toy factory
at a car factory
at a car factory When do raccoons usually sleep?
during the day
during the night
all the time
during the day How long did Ava play the loud music?
2 minutes
2 hours
2 days
2 hours When did Ava play the loud music?
in the morning
in the afternoon
at night
in the morning How did Ava get rid of the raccoons?
She played loud music while they were trying to sleep.
She bought a raccoon trap.
She chased them with a broom.
She played loud music while they were trying to sleep.

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