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The Lizard and the Sun

A Mexican Legend

A long time ago the sun disappeared from the sky. It was cold and dark for many days.

The animals looked everywhere for the sun. They looked in the fields, in the forest, in the jungle, and in the rivers and lakes.

One by one, the animals gave up looking. But Lizard wouldn't give up. She crawled up mountains and down valleys until one day she saw a glowing rock.

"I found the sun!" cried Lizard. "I will find the Emperor. He will be able to wake up the sun, and I will be warm again."

Lizard went to the palace and told the Emperor about the glowing rock. The Emperor thought hard about how to wake up the sun. He even sent a woodpecker to peck on the rock. Still the sun would not wake up.

The Emperor was a wise man. He said, "We shall hold a great festival to welcome the sun. There will be music, dancing, and wonderful food."

All the animals and people took part in the festival. The sound of happiness filled the land. The sun could not resist this joy, and woke up. The world was warm and bright again.

Since that day, all lizards love to lie in the sun, to remember when Lizard brought light and warmth back to the world.

Source: The Lizard and the Sun
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Which animal looked the longest for the sun?
the fish
the lizard
the woodpecker
the lizard Why was it cold and dark?
The sun disappeared.
The Emperor cast a spell.
There was no electricity.
The sun disappeared. Where did Lizard find the sun?
in a cave
in the palace
in a glowing rock
in a glowing rock Where did the Emperor live?
in a palace
in a cave
in a small cabin
in a palace The Emperor sent a robin to wake up the sun.
It doesn't say in the story.
False What finally woke up the sun?
a big happy festival
a woodpecker
loud thunder
a big happy festival According to this legend, why do all lizards like to lie in the sun?
to stay dry
to remember when Lizard helped to bring back the sun
to keep away from hawks
to remember when Lizard helped to bring back the sun

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