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No Girls Allowed!

Only men could take part in the ancient Olympic games. Married women were not even allowed to watch the events. Women caught sneaking in were punished!

In every Greek city there was a gymnasium. That is where boys went to school and trained as athletes. The boys who went to the gymnasium were mostly from rich families. They studied arithmetic, reading and music, along with lots of physical education.

Although women were not allowed into the Olympic Games, they still did sports. Young girls had their own Games called the Heraia, in honor of the goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus.

The Heraia was held every four years and had running races only. There were 3 separate races for girls, teenagers, and young women.

Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics until the 1900 games in Paris. There were 19 women out of a total of 1,225 athletes. The women did tennis, golf and croquet.

Women competed in swimming events for the first time in 1912. But none of them were from America, which did not allow female athletes to compete in events without wearing long skirts!

In what year did women first compete in the Olympics?
776 BC
1900 Which was the only sport allowed in the ancient games for girls?
running races
running races In the 1900 games, in which sport did women take part?
marathon running
tennis How often was the Heraia held?
twice a year
every year
every four years
every four years Who was Hera?
the first woman to compete in the Olympics
the Greek goddess of love
the Greek god Zeus's wife
the Greek god Zeus's wife What happened at an ancient Greek gymnasium?
Boys studied and did sports.
Boys and girls went to school.
Teams played volleyball.
Boys studied and did sports. What was the Heraia?
the first name of the Olympic Summer Games
a sports event for girls in ancient Greece
the goddess of sports
a sports event for girls in ancient Greece Why were American women not allowed to take part in the 1912 Olympic swimming?
There weren’t enough swimmers for the team.
They couldn't swim fast enough.
They had to wear long skirts - not good for swimming!
They had to wear long skirts - not good for swimming!

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