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Why Owls Stare

adapted from a legend by Peter Hudson of the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation

Once upon a time Owl and Pigeon met and talked.

"There are more owls than pigeons," said Owl.

"No way,” said Pigeon, "There are many more pigeons."

"Let's count!" answered Owl, "We will meet in the big woods a week from today."

On that day, the owls came first. The trees were full of them. The owls laughed and said, "Oowah-wah-wah!"

Soon they heard a loud roar from sky. Pigeons were coming from everywhere! The owls could not believe there could be so many pigeons. They sat there moving their heads back and forth staring with wide eyes.

The owls stared so long and hard at the pigeons that their eyes just stayed that way.

Source: Why Owls Stare
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Where did the owl and pigeon count take place?
in the big woods
in the village
in the sky
in the big woods Who was right about whether there were more owls or pigeons?
They were both right.
Pigeon Who arrived in the woods first?
the owls
the pigeons
They arrived at the same time.
the owls What caused the roar in the sky?
an airplane
a flying lion
all the pigeons flying in
all the pigeons flying in Where did this story come from?
the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation
the American southwest
The Oklahoma Choctaw Nation How do you know that this story is make-believe?
It starts with Once upon a time...
Owls and pigeons can't really talk.
Both are true.
Both are true. Why were the owls staring at the pigeons?
They couldn't believe there were so many pigeons.
The pigeons cast a spell on the owls.
The pigeons were acting silly.
They couldn't believe there were so many pigeons.

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