Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension

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A Harvest of Love

Long ago, Arild Ugerup, the son of a Danish nobleman, lived in Sweden. When King Erik of Sweden was crowned, Arild was a guest at the palace.

A war broke out between Denmark and Sweden and Arild was forced to go into the Danish navy. He was captured in battle and sent to prison in Sweden.

Arild had a childhood sweetheart named Thale. He promised Thale that they would marry when he returned from the war. Arild was afraid he would never get out of jail and that he would lose Thale forever. So he wrote King Erik a letter:
"I am in your prison now, but once I was your friend. Please grant me one wish. Let me go home to marry the girl I love. You have my word that I will return to prison as soon as I marry, plant one crop, and harvest it."

The King agreed. Arild went home and married Thale. He thought a lot about what he would plant in the spring.

In late fall, a royal messenger arrived. "The harvest is past," he said. "King Erik awaits your return."
"But my crop is not harvested," said Arild. "In fact, it hasn't even sprouted"
"What did you plant?" asked the messenger.
"Pine trees!" answered Arild.

When the King heard what Arild had done, he said, "Very clever! Trees take a long time to grow! You are too clever to be in prison." Arild stayed at home with Thale and lived happily ever after. A beautiful pine forest stands there as a symbol of their love.

What was Arild's last name?
Ugerup Where did this story come from?
Sweden Where was Arild sent to jail?
Sweden Why did Arild have to go to war for Denmark?
He lived in Denmark.
He didn't like Sweden.
His father was Danish.
His father was Danish. Why did Arild plant pine trees?
They take a long time to grow.
He couldn't grow vegetables.
He needed shade around his house.
They take a long time to grow. When did Arild promise to return to jail?
after exactly one year
after he harvested one crop
after he married and had one child
after he harvested one crop What did Arild promise Thale before the war?
that they would move to Denmark
that they would marry when he returned
that he would plant her a field of flowers
that they would marry when he returned Why did Arild write the King a letter from jail?
He wanted to go home and marry Thale.
He wanted to go back to war.
He wanted to leave the country.
He wanted to go home and marry Thale. Why did King Erik allow Arild to stay home and not return to prison?
The jail was too crowded.
The King liked pine trees.
The King was impressed that Arild was so clever.
The King was impressed that Arild was so clever.

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