Valentine's Day Card Rhymes Game

Fill in the missing words to make a Valentine's Day RHYME.

Pick an empty box.Cut out along the black lines. Fold in half on the green line. Then fold on the pink line. Pick "Different Rhyme" at the top for another rhyme and card.
RhymeMissing Words

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On Valentine's Day it's time to say
How special you are in every way.
Thank you for everything that you do.
I'm so lucky to have a friend like you!
You're so %fine%. You really %shine%. Please be %mine%, My %Valentine%.%%%Some roses are %red%. Some roses are %pink%. Be my %Valentine%. What do you %think%?%%%When I see you at %school%, I think you're %cool%. You may think I'm a %fool%, But I think you %rule%!%%%If you say %"No,"% It will make me %sad%. Please be my %Valentine% So I can be %glad%.%%%Here's a message from my %heart% Of which you are a special %part%. Never has this been more %true%, Today and always, I love %you%.%%%Kisses and hugs are yours %today%. Love and wishes come your %way%. "You're the best!" is what I %say%. Have a Happy Valentine's %Day%!%%%Roses are %red%. Grass is %green%. I'll be your %king%, If you'll be my %queen%.%%%The sun shines %bright%. The sky is %blue%. On Valentine's %Day%, I think of %you%.%%%Like candy, you're %sweet%. To be near you is a %treat%. On Valentine's Day, let's %meet%. I'll see you on Love %Street%!%%%I like you more and more each %day%. Now it's time for me to %say%, Valentine, don't go %away%.%%%If you give me %candy%, Chocolate is %dandy%. I'll be your %Valentine%, But only if you're %mine%.%%%I like you more than %chocolate%, More than jam on %toast%. You are my favorite %Valentine%. I like you the %most%.%%%You're as cool as a %cucumber% As sweet as a %tart%. Please be my %Valentine% And give me your %heart%.%%%I love %chocolate%. I love %you%. I love Valentine's %Day%. I hope you do %too%!%%%It's Valentine's Day and time to %say% How special you are in every %way%. Thanks for everything you %do%. I'm lucky to have a friend like %you%.