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Photo of Blind Puppy and his Brother Goes Viral

Based on a News Story from November 2013

Jeffrey and Jermaine were 6 month old puppies when they were found on the streets of Philadelphia in October 2013.

Jeffrey and Jermaine are not your average stray dogs. Jeffrey is blind, and Jermaine, his brother, is his guide dog.

The animal shelter that rescued the puppies wanted to have the two puppies adopted together. Since Jeffrey can't see, he needs Jermaine to guide him around new places.

The animal shelter posted a picture of the two puppies sleeping. This cute photo, which shows the dogs hugging, soon went viral and was viewed by millions of people around the world. There were more than 10,000 offers to give the dogs a new home. Some of the offers came from places as far away as South Africa.

Happily, the puppies were soon adopted by a local family. "They are always together," says their new family member. "They are usually touching and even eat out of the same bowl. Jermaine puts his nose in the bowl, but he won't start eating until Jeffrey gets there, too. It is true brotherly love."

How old were Jeffrey and Jermaine when they were found on the streets?
3 months
6 months
1 year
6 months Where were the puppies found?
South Africa
Philadelphia Why did Jeffrey need looking after?
He is blind.
He can't walk.
He's a lot younger than Jermaine.
He is blind. More than one million offers came in to adopt the dogs.
It doesn't say.
False What is a guide dog?
a dog who has a brother
a dog who goes on trips
a dog who shows the way
a dog who shows the way The family that adopted Jeffrey and Jermaine also had 2 cats.
It doesn't say.
It doesn't say. What does "go viral" mean?
is looked at by millions of people
causes the viewer to feel sick
causes a computer virus
is looked at by millions of people Why did Jeffrey and Jermaine have to be adopted together?
The shelter had no room for them.
Dogs always are adopted in pairs.
so that Jermaine could look after Jeffrey
so that Jermaine could look after Jeffrey

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