Sight Word Reading Comprehension

Free printable reading comprehension - a sImple sight word story with significant use of high frequency sight words from the Dolch Word List. Interactive questions included. Read and test comprehension online or print for offline use. Recommended level: 1st and 2nd Grade

Give and Get

One day you see a girl play a drum. You wish you had one. But all you see around you is a stick. You pick it up.

You meet a boy with some wood. "I want to bake bread," he says. "Can I use your stick to start a fire?" The boy starts a fire. He gives you some of the bread.

You see a man with a horse. "I'm so hungry," says the man. You give the man some bread. "Take this horse," the man says.

The next day you hear drums. "Our horse ran off. My son can't ride to his wedding," says the mother. You give the woman the horse.

"You saved the wedding!" says the mother. "Here is a drum as a thank you present." And that is how you got your drum.

What is the first thing you see?
a boy with wood
a horse
a girl playing a drum
a girl playing a drum Why does the boy want your stick?
to start a fire
to play the drum
to make a fishing pole
to start a fire Why does the boy want a fire?
to bake bread
to keep warm
to burn the trees
to bake bread What lesson does the story teach?
Take things and you will be lucky.
Don't help strangers.
Give and you will get.
Give and you will get. Why does the mother need a horse?
so she can ride home
so she can ride to work
so her son can ride to his wedding
so her son can ride to his wedding What does the hungry man give you as thanks for the bread?
a stick
a drum
a horse
a horse What is the last thing that you get?
a drum
a horse
some bread
a drum

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