Valentine's Day Rhymes for Cards

Fill in the missing words to make a rhyme.
Then use "Blank Cards for Rhymes" and write a rhyme in a card.

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You're so *fine*. You really *shine*. Please be *mine*, My *Valentine*.***Some roses are *red*. Some roses are *pink*. Be my *Valentine*. What do you *think*?***When I see you at *school*, I think you're *cool*. You may think I'm a *fool*, But I think you *rule*!***If you say "*No*," It will make me *sad*. Please be my *Valentine* So I can be *glad*.***Here's a message from my *heart* Of which you are a special *part*. Never has this been more *true*, Today and always, I love *you*.***Kisses and hugs are yours *today*. Love and wishes come your *way*. "You're the best!" is what I *say*. Have a Happy Valentine's *Day*!***Roses are *red*. Grass is *green*. I'll be your *king*, If you'll be my *queen*.***The sun shines *bright*. The sky is *blue*. On Valentine's *Day*, I think of *you*.***Like candy, you're *sweet*. To be near you is a *treat*. On Valentine's Day, let's *meet*. I'll see you on Love *Street*!***I like you more and more each *day*. Now it's time for me to *say*, Valentine, don't go *away*.***If you give me *candy*, Chocolate is *dandy*. I'll be your *Valentine*, But only if you're *mine*.***I like you more than *chocolate*, More than jam on *toast*. You are my favorite *Valentine*. I like you the *most*.***You're as cool as a *cucumber* As sweet as a *tart*. Please be my *Valentine* And give me your *heart*.***I love *chocolate*. I love *you*. I love Valentine's *Day*. I hope you do *too*!***It's Valentine's Day and time to *say* How special you are in every *way*. Thanks for everything you *do*. I'm lucky to have a friend like *you*.