Has A Letter Card Game

For 2 to 5 players
  1. Print the next two pages, the 1st Grade Dolch Sight Words, and cut along the black lines to make 41 word cards OR have students print each word on an index card.
  2. Lay the cards word-side down and mix them up. One player gathers them together to form the deck, deals out 4 cards to each player, puts the remaining deck in the center, and turns the top word face up next to the deck.
    Player 1's Hand

    Face Up Word

    Dealer/Player 2's Hand
  3. The next player to the left looks at her 4 words. If a word has a letter that is the same as one of the letters in the face up word, she puts it on top of the face up word, says "[face up word] has a [letter] and [word] has a [letter]", and it becomes the new face up word.

    Example: the face up word is LET and she has STOP. She says, "LET has a T and STOP has a T" and puts STOP on top of LET. STOP is the new face up card.
  4. If she doesn't have a word with a matching letter, she draws a word from the deck and adds it to her hand.

    If the new word doesn't have a letter that matches one of the face up word's letters, she has to draw again, until she finally draws a word with a matching letter, and puts it on top of the face up word.
  5. Then it's the next player's turn to try to match a letter in the face up word.
  6. The winner is the first player with no more words.
  7. If the deck gets used up and a player can't draw any more words, it's the next player's turn and play goes on without the drawing step.

    If everybody still has words and nobody can make a new face up word the game ends. The winner is the player with the fewest words.

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