Easter Read and Write
Words in Sentences

Write these missing words in the sentences.

Free Printable Easter Vocabulary Sentence Fill Ins for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade - iPad Friendly

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Put your XXXeggsX in this XXXemptyX XXXbasketX.+basket My XXXEasterX XXXbonnetX has XXXflowersX on it.+bonnet A hot XXXcrossX XXXbunX is an Easter XXXtreatX.+bun Did you XXXeatX a hot XXXcrossX XXXbunX last Sunday?+bun The Easter XXXbunnyX puts colored eggs in a basket for you.+bunnyORrabbit The XXXcandyX in my basket was many different XXXcolorsX.+candy Don't eat too XXXmuchX XXXcandyX.+candy We get XXXmanyX kinds of XXXcandyX at Easter.+candy The XXXlittleX XXXchickX is XXXyellowX.+chick A XXXbabyX XXXbirdX is called a XXXchickX.+chick Did you go to XXXchurchX on Easter Sunday?+church We dyed our Easter eggs many XXXcolorsX.+colors Do you see the XXXcrossX above the XXXchurchX?+church The XXXchurchXX was full on Easter Sunday.+church Dip the XXXeggX in XXXdyeX to color it green.+dye We dip our XXXeggsX in the green XXXdyeX first.+dye How XXXmanyX XXXgreenX XXXeggsX do you have?+eggs We XXXpaintX XXXeggsX many XXXcolorsX for XXXEasterX.+eggs She broke the XXXeggshellX openX.+eggshellORshell There was only the XXXshellX of the egg left.+eggshellORshell What a pretty spring XXXflowerX!+flower What XXXcolorX is that XXXflowerX?+flower Don't XXXwalkX on the new XXXgreenX XXXgrassX!+grass Who XXXfoundXX the most XXXeggsX in the XXXEasterX egg XXXhuntX?+hunt We love to XXXhuntX for XXXEasterX XXXeggsX.+hunt Every XXXEasterX, the XXXchildrenX XXXhuntX for eggs.+hunt Do you have XXXhamX for XXXEasterX XXXdinnerX?+ham See how high that XXXrabbitX can XXXjumpX!+hopORjump Look at that bunny XXXhopX XXXoverX the XXXflowersX.+hopORjump An egg XXXyolkX is the XXXyellowX part in the XXXmiddleX.+yolk The XXXyolkX of the egg is XXXveryXX XXXyellowX.+yolk