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Snowmen Save the Day

In the small town of Pineville, it snowed non-stop for five days. Snow covered the roads, the houses, and the trees.

On the sixth day, everything changed. The weatherman said, "Hot air is on the way. All of the snow is going to melt very quickly and there will be floods. Get ready!"

The families who lived on Pine Lane got together and came up with a plan. They would build snowmen! The snow would melt much more slowly if it was put in piles or really big round balls.

Everyone joined in. Soon every house on Pine Lane had at least one snowman.

The warm air came the next day. All streets in Pineville were flooded. But not Pine Lane. The houses on Pine Lane stayed dry as their snowmen slowly got smaller and smaller. They took almost 5 days to completely melt.

Why were there floods in Pineville?
because lots of snow melted too quickly
because it rained for 5 days
because the drains were clogged up
because lots of snow melted too quickly For how many days straight did it snow in Pineville?
5 How did building the snowmen help flooding on Pine Lane?
The snowmen blocked the way to the houses.
The snowmen's hats and scarves soaked up the water.
The big balls of snow melted slowly.
The big balls of snow melted slowly. How long did it take the snowmen to completely melt?
3 days
5 days
6 days
5 days Pine Lane was the only street in Pineville that didn't get flooded.
It doesn't say.
True Where does this story take place?

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