Sight Word Reading Comprehension

Free printable reading comprehension - a sImple sight word story with significant use of high frequency sight words from the Dolch Word List. Interactive questions included. Read and test comprehension online or print for offline use. Recommended level: 1st and 2nd Grade

Spots on Spot

One day, Maya walks her dog, Spot.

Soon Maya sees purple spots on Spot.  Maya stops.
She looks down.  Her arms, her shoes, her legs... Purple spots are everywhere!

How did the spots get there?

Maya looks up. Something purple falls from a tree onto her nose.

Maya runs home.  She needs a bath.  Her clothes need to be washed two times.

"Were you playing under a mulberry tree?" asks Maya's grandmother. "Mulberries are just that color!"

Spot is a big mess and has a long bath. The spots on Spot take six days to go away.

What is Maya's dog's name?
Spot How long did it take for Spot's spots to go away?
1 day
2 days
6 days
6 days Where did the purple spots come from?
a can of paint
a crayon
mulberries What color are mulberries?
purple How do you know Maya's clothes were very dirty?
There is a picture.
Her grandmother said so.
They had to be washed two times.
They had to be washed two times. What comes first?
Spot has a bath.
Spot goes for a walk.
Maya sees purple spots on Spot.
Spot goes for a walk.

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