Sight Word Reading Comprehension

Free printable reading comprehension - a sImple sight word story with significant use of high frequency sight words from the Dolch Word List. Interactive questions included. Read and test comprehension online or print for offline use. Recommended level: 1st and 2nd Grade

A Fish Named Fido

Fred was a very happy 7 year old boy. He had everything he wanted except for one thing - a dog.

Every day Fred asked his mother and father if he could get a dog. Their answers were always the same. "Not now. Maybe next year."

He begged and he begged. No dog.

Fred's father got sick of all the dog talk. He went to the pet store and came home with a fish. This was not a goldfish. It was a dog faced puffer fish.

"It doesn't bark and I can't take it for a walk, but this is as close to a dog as I'm going to get!" said Fred. He named the fish Fido.

How old is Fred?
7 What was the one thing Fred wanted most?
a dog
a goldfish
a cat
a dog What did Fred's father buy at the pet store?
a dog
a fish
a cat
a fish What did Fred name his new fish?
Fido What did Fred's mother and father say about getting a dog?
Maybe next year.
Your sister is allergic.
We don't have the space.
Maybe next year. Why do you think Fred's father bought a dog faced puffer fish?
It has a face like a dog.
It barks.
It's a nice color.
It has a face like a dog. Why did Fred name the fish Fido?
Fred's sister liked the name.
It starts with the letter F.
Fido is a common dog's name.
Fido is a common dog's name.

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