Prefix and Root Word Meaning Game

Find a prefix, a root word and the meaning of the new word that is the prefix and the root word.
Prefix + Root Word = New Word

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re-connect re-consider re-construct re-finance re-finish re-open re-pack re-think re-unite re-visit re-wind un-done un-familiar un-selfish un-tested un-thinking un-usual un-wanted un-wise dis-allow dis-appear dis-approve dis-connect dis-interest dis-order dis-prove dis-respect dis-trust pre-approve pre-arrange pre-clear pre-packed pre-paid pre-recorded mis-calculate mis-direct mis-fire mis-handle mis-identify mis-judge mis-manage mis-print mis-pronounce mis-represent mis-understand im-mobile im-mature im-moral im-movable im-partial im-perfect im-patient im-practical im-probable in-efficient in-justice in-valid in-voluntary il-legal il-logical