Prefix and Suffix Game

Find a prefix or suffix, a root word and the meaning of the new word that is the prefix or suffix and the root word.
Prefix + Root Word = New Word

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care-ful cheer-ful delight-ful fear-ful grace-ful hate-ful hope-ful joy-ful pain-ful power-ful skill-ful thought-ful blame-less use-less heart-less hope-less pain-less fear-less care-less power-less sight-less taste-less shy-ly careless-ly brave-ly glad-ly quick-ly quiet-ly soft-ly slow-ly sad-ly paint-er work-er farm-er play-er read-er spell-er think-er hunt-er climb-er great-est quick-est poor-est high-est low-est sharp-est tall-est rich-est
re-do re-write re-read re-build re-fill re-wind re-view un-kind un-safe un-happy un-selfish un-usual un-done un-lucky dis-appear dis-agree dis-respect dis-approve dis-honest dis-order dis-obey dis-respect pre-view pre-heat mis-behave mis-read mis-handle mis-hear mis-identify mis-judge mis-pronounce mis-represent mis-spell mis-understand mis-use im-possible im-patient im-polite