Halloween Compose A Shape Geometric Jigsaw

Teachers: Pick a geometry jigsaw below and "Print" (above).
Have your students cut out the 2-d geometric shapes and compose a square Halloween picture.

Then have them turn the pieces over so that the picture is face down and try to put them together again to make a square. When they flip over the completed square, does the picture look right? Can they swap pieces to make the picture look right?

To practice sorting and identification of shapes, give each student two puzzle worksheets, one with triangles and one with non-triangles. Cut out and mix up the shapes. Have them sort the shapes into triangles and shapes with more than three sides. Then make TWO squares, one from each set of shapes.

Make a Square with Triangles Make a Square with Rectangles
Make a Square with Triangles Make a Square with 4 and 5-sided Shapes

Follow-up activity: Students create or cut out square Halloween pictures from magazines and then cut them up to make their own jigsaws. Set conditions such as, "All your pieces must be triangles," or "None of your pieces can be triangles," or "Every piece must have four sides."

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