Halloween Fill-in-the-Blanks Rhymes Worksheet

Some of the words from the rhyme are missing. Find them in the witch's pot and write them where they belong.
Extra challenge: Fold under the bottom part of the worksheet to hide the pot and words, and then try to fill in the missing words on your own!

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Trick or treat, please be sweet,

Give me something good to ________.

Candy, chocolate, chips or gum,

I'll go away if you give me ________.//eat//some//take//some//eat//treats Trick or treat, smell my feet.

Give me lots of treats to ________.

If you don't I'll shout and scream,

I LOVE ________!//eat//Halloween//take//Halloween//you//eat There once was a wizard named Larry,

Who was very tall and ________.

He did lots of tricks with magic sticks

But none of them were ________.//hairy//scary//scary//green//hairy//good There once was a witch named Arlene,

Who was afraid of ________.

She stayed in her home, afraid and alone,

Trying not be heard or ________.//Halloween//seen//ghosts//Halloween//clean//seen There once was an ugly old queen,

Who was very nasty and ________.

She gave rotten treats to kids on the streets,

Not just on ________!//mean//Halloween//nice//Halloween//Fridays//mean The sky is black.

The witch is ________.

The ghosts are near.

Halloween is ________!//back//here//great//scary//here//back The wolves ________.

The black cats prowl.

The bats fly.

The children ________.//howl//cry//scream//howl//laugh//cry Carving a pumpkin is lots of fun.

Should we make it a smiley or scary ________?

Eyes, nose, mouth and hair,

And a big scar to give kids a ________!//one//scare//treat//scare//one//pumpkin October 31st is Halloween night.

Witches and wizards are in ________.

Ghosts and goblins, black cats too,

All try to scare you by shouting, "________!"//sight//Boo//Hi//sight//Boo//trouble Blood and guts, goo and gore,

Trick or treaters at the ________.

Ghosts and goblins walk the street.

Children shout, "Trick or ________!"//door//treat//treat//door//street//mall Scary sounds all through the ________,

Give us all a terrible fright.

Scary vampires can be seen.

It's all because it's ________!//night//Halloween//day//Halloween//night//Sunday