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Never Mind the Gummy Bears

based on an Alabama ghost story

Sam didn't believe in ghosts. Not one bit. All her friends knew the old log cabin in the woods was haunted, but Sam just laughed when her friends talked about it.

One Halloween, her friends dared her to spend the night in the haunted cabin. If she stayed until morning, her friends would give her all of their Halloween gummy bears. "Great," thought Sam. Gummy bears were her favorite candies.

Sam went into the old cabin. She sat on the floor and started to read her book. Soon she heard a creaking sound from above. She looked up. Yikes! She saw a creature with glowing red eyes, a long tail, two horns on its head, claws, and sharp teeth poking through its large lips.

Sam was really scared. She jumped to her feet and ran right out the door. She heard the creature with the red eyes behind her.

"You run pretty fast for a girl," said the creature to Sam.

"Oh, I can run much faster than this!" cried Sam.

Sam took off like a bolt of lightning. As she ran past her friends she shouted, "Never mind the gummy bears!"

Sam ran all the way home and hid under her bed for the rest of Halloween night. After that, she always believed in ghosts. She refused to go anywhere near that old cabin.

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Where was this story first told?
Alabama What was Sam's reward for staying in the cabin all night?
a new book
gummy bears
all her sister's candies
gummy bears Which of these body parts did the creature NOT have?
pointed feet
pointed feet What does taking off "like a bolt of lightning" mean?
very slowly
very quickly
with a lot of noise
very quickly How did Sam amuse herself in the cabin?
She read a book.
She messaged her friends.
She played a game
She read a book. What did Sam mean when she shouted, "Never mind the gummy bears!"
that she was afraid
that she was giving up on the dare
that she wanted some gummy bears
that she was giving up on the dare After that Halloween, why did Sam never go near the cabin again?
She knew it was haunted and was afraid.
She moved away.
The cabin burned down.
She knew it was haunted and was afraid.

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