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The Green Ribbon

based on an old horror folktale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Clara who always wore a green ribbon around her neck.

Her classmate Alfred always asked her why she wore it. She answered, "Maybe if we ever get married I'll tell you."

Clara and Alfred grew up, fell in love, and got married.

Alfred asked her again and again, "Why do you always wear that green ribbon around your neck?"

Clara always said the same thing. "Now is not the right time for me to tell you. You must wait."

Many years later when Alfred and Clara were very old, Clara got very sick. She called Alfred to her bedside and said, "Now I can tell you about the green ribbon. Untie it and you will know why I could not tell you before."

Alfred slowly pulled the bow loose, untied the green ribbon, and Clara's head fell off.

What kind of story is this?
an Irish fairy tale
a news story
an old horror tale
an old horror tale What is a horror tale?
a story where something horrible happens
a fairy tale
a story that takes place on Halloween
a story where something horrible happens According to Clara, what was the right time to tell Alfred about the ribbon?
when they got married
when she was about to die
when she was about to die What's the first clue in the story that it is not a real event?
Young girls don't wear ribbons around their necks.
It starts with "Once upon a time".
Heads don't fall off.
It starts with "Once upon a time". Why did Clara always wear a ribbon around her neck?
to look pretty
to keep her head attached
to cover up a bad scar
to keep her head attached

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