Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension

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Who is St. Valentine?

There are many legends about St. Valentine. It is hard to know which ones are true.

One legend is that Valentine was a priest who lived in ancient Rome during the 3rd century (mid 200's AD). The Emperor at that time, Claudius, decided that more men would join his army if they weren't married. So he passed a law to prevent young men from getting married.

The priest Valentine thought that the law was very unfair. So he secretly married young couples. When the Emperor found out, he had Valentine sent to jail and put to death.

Many young people visited Valentine in jail. They threw flowers and notes up to his window telling him that they believed in love. One of his frequent visitors was the prison guard's daughter. It is said that Valentine fell in love with her. Before he was sent to his death on February 14, he wrote the daughter a letter and signed it, 'Love from your Valentine' - words still used on cards today.

Valentine died on February 14 and was made a saint two hundred years later.

What was Valentine's job?
prison guard
priest Where did Valentine live?
London, England
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy Around what time did Valentine live?
250 AD
1300 AD
300 BC
250 AD Who was the Emperor when Valentine was alive?
Claudius On what day did Valentine die?
January 31
February 14
June 1
February 14 Who was Valentine's favorite visitor?
the prison guard's daughter
his sister
the Emperor
the prison guard's daughter When was Valentine made a saint?
on the day he died
200 years after his death
on Christmas Day the year he died
200 years after his death Why did the Emperor not want young men to marry?
If married, they might not want to join the army.
He thought men should wait until they were 30 years old.
It doesn't say in the story.
If married, they might not want to join the army. Why was Valentine sent to jail?
He stabbed the Emperor.
He married couples, which was against the law.
He stole red roses from the Emperor's garden.
He married couples, which was against the law. Why did young people throw flowers and notes at Valentine's window?
to show their support for him
to show their support for the Emperor
to help him escape from jail
to show their support for him

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