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Do you think the Blue Jays will win? Where are you going? It is what it is. Let's keep it real. I have arrived at the school. The early bird catches the worm. Who's on first? Please pass the butter. Have you finished your lunch? What a great show! What a good idea! It's a nine pound boy! Call an ambulance now! What's in the bag? Is that your real nose? It's my birthday today. My dog has fleas. What's happening, man? Do you know the way to Mathville? Shall we dance? Do you come here often? Call me when you get home. Where's the teacher today? That truck is heading straight for us! That song is a good one. What a stupid thing to do! Rachel is playing soccer today. Why is the sky blue? What a big mess! How he did that, I'll never know. The door is locked. Is that your final answer? How are you feeling today? All the world is a stage. Do you like me? Is there a doctor in the house? What's up, doc? The sky is blue. Oh my goodness! Watch out for that snake! Have you read the book? Give me a break! That joke is funny. You can't always get what you want. Stop doing that this minute! What a huge mess! What do you want me to do? Who is the fairest of them all? May you always be happy. May I be excused, please? What's the matter with you? What you need is a big hug. Let's watch a movie. I want it and I want it now! Can you spare some change? Is that bread fresh? If you hurry, you can catch the bus. Why are you at school on Saturday? The test was very hard. May I take your hat and coat? What goes up must come down. When is the next train to Wordville? Whose hat is this? Don't touch that! Don't you like broccoli? Have a chocolate. Don't worry about passing the test. Don't let the teacher catch you copying. Don't you think it looks good? Sit down, my dear. Hit the road, Jack! I finally did it! That ride was awesome! I can't believe she is getting married! Hurray, we won! Emily is nine years old. Where is my hat? Why is his hair blue? How do you feel today? How many apples did you pick? Have you got the time? Larissa sings very well. Which one do you like best? That group rocks! Text me when you get there. What a beautiful baby!