Connecting Words Worksheet

Practice using conjunctions. Recommended level: 3rd Grade and up

Pick the best connecting word.
It is a beautiful day, _____ let's go to the beach./0/so,for The sun is shining, _____ it feels very cold./1/for,but Michael and his grandfather went fishing. _____, after four hours, they caught a fish./0/Finally,Because Katya and Emily are excellent swimmers. _____, they dive very well./1/While,Also I will share my picnic with you _____ I have more food than I need./0/since,but An elephant can swim well, _____ it cannot jump./1/whenever,but I cannot go fishing _____ I do not have a fishing rod./0/because,or We may go sailing on Friday, _____ we may wait until Saturday./1/for,or I went diving _____ I saw large pieces of coral./0/and,also Jason gets mad _____ he goes fishing and doesn't catch a fish./1/for,whenever Moe went to the dock to meet Joe. _____, Joe arrived two hours late./0/Finally,Whenever _____ the weather is warm I go swimming./1/Also,Whenever Lauren was out of breath _____ she swam across the lake./0/after,or Fish swim in the sea _____ travel in schools./1/whenever,and I had my picnic lunch _____ I went swimming./0/after,or The waves were huge _____ a storm was coming./1/but,because Fish are dying _____ the water is very polluted./0/because,or Fish have scales _____ they breathe using their gills./1/whenever,and Paula likes to swim, _____ she joined the swim team./0/so,but The family went to the beach _____ they sat in the sun and swam./1/for,where Dolphins are mammals, _____ they swim in the sea like fish./0/but,also It was lovely weather for sailing. _____ the winds were perfect./1/Finally,And Marine life suffers _____ an oil spill occurs./0/after,but "To fish" is a verb, _____ "a fish" is a noun./1/where,but The boys needed a drink _____ they played volleyball./0/after,but The lobster was caught in the trap, _____ it was not hurt./1/after,but "Hurry up," said Mrs. Fish, "_____ you'll be late!"/0/or,whenever Jose swam underwater for a long time. _____, he came up for air./1/Also,Finally Dolphins are very friendly animals. _____, scientists say they have their own language./0/Also,Finally She held the shell to her ear _____ she could hear the ocean./1/but,so Mr. Fish read a book _____ his son played in the sand./0/while,or I ate my lunch _____ my friends went sailing./1/or,while The boys needed a drink, _____ they searched for a water fountain./0/so,since Stan felt very relaxed _____ he fished./1/but,while Trout Lake is beautiful, _____ it is great for fishing./0/and,when Please feed my fish _____ they don't starve while I'm away./1/because,so Jan is allergic to seafood, _____ she loves to eat tuna./0/but,after Icebergs break off glaciers _____ they float out to sea./1/for,and I went to buy food at the store _____ I was hungry./0/because,finally She swam in the cold lake all day _____ ended up with a chill./1/also,and Is that a whale out there _____ is it a dolphin?/0/or,but Sharks have fins, _____ they don't have bones./1/after,but You should learn to swim _____ you'll be in danger when you dive./0/or,but I waited in line for the waterslide. _____, after ten minutes, it was my turn./1/Since,Finally _____ we went on the boat we wore life jackets./0/When,After Moe's hair was wet _____ he jumped into the pool./1/or,after It's a holiday _____ the beach is very crowded./0/and,while _____ Maria tries to dive, she does a big bellyflop./1/Since,When _____ you love to fish, I bought you a fishing rod./0/Since,When _____ you get home from school, we'll go fishing./1/Because,After _____ you're fishing, rehearse your lines for the school play./0/While,Because Madelyn collects shells _____ she walks along the seashore./1/but,as Some dolphins die _____ they get caught in fishing nets./0/because,for We visited a coral reef _____ took a ride on a glass-bottom boat./1/because,and I put on sunscreen _____ I wouldn't get a sunburn./0/so,and Fish swim in schools, _____ there are no teachers there./1/while,but Sea mammals stay underwater, _____ they come to the surface to breathe./0/but,after Coral reefs grow where there are strong waves _____ the waves carry oxygen to the reef./1/whenever,because

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