Language Arts Skills Testing and Assessment for 5th Grade

Questions from 9 different 5th Grade Language Arts topics

Long E Vowels

1. Here is a clue for a 6-letter word with a long E sound:

winter or spring, for example:  __ __ __ __ __ __

Long I Vowels

2. Here is a clue for a 5-letter word with a long I sound:

the opposite of heavy:  __ __ __ __ __

Long O Vowels

3. Here is a clue for a 5-letter word with a long O sound:

the past tense of steal:  __ __ __ __ __

Punctuation - Commas

4. Add in the missing commas.

" The  question  is  "  said  Joe  " what  will  you  do  now ? "

" We  grow  wheat  corn  and  barley  "  said  the  farmer .

Mr.  Chan  the  teacher  always  arrives  early  for  class .

Spelling -al, el, le Ending

5. Choose the right ending for each of these words:   -al   -el  or   -le

bicyc___        ped___        shov___        troub___        

Spelling - Root Words

6. Complete the missing words using the root words as a clue.

root word: uni = one

To be in uni_ _ _ is to do the same thing at the same time.

root word: vis = see

Something that cannot be seen is  _ _vis_ _ _ _ .

Spelling and Vocabulary - PH Words

7. Complete the missing words.

G _ _ _ _ _ph_ is the study of natural features of the world.

A ph_ _ _ _ _ _ph is an image you produce with a camera.

Subject Verb Agreement

8. Pick the correct verb.

One of the students ___________ a prize.      wins       win

Neither Anna nor her friends ___________ going to the party.      is       are

Verb Tenses

9. Pick the correct verb form.

By tomorrow night, I ___________ my painting.

have finished       am finishing       will have finished

While I ___________, I sent a text message to Liam.

am studying       was studying       will have studied

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1. season  2. light  3. stole  4. The question is," said  Joe, "what will you do now?"  "We grow wheat, corn, and barley," said the farmer.   Mr. Chan, the teacher, always arrives early for class.  5. bicycle, pedal, shovel, trouble  6. unison, invisible   7. Geography, photograph 8. wins, are 9. will have finished, was studying