Language Arts Skills Testing and Assessment for 4th Grade

Questions from 7 different 4th Grade Language Arts topics


1. Find three pairs of opposites in these words:

whisper    reward    deny    punish    shout      fresh     sad     rotten


2. Pick the correct word.

Is ______ team winning?    your    you're

______ waiting for the race to start.    Their    There    They're



3. Form 3 words out of these 3-letter groups. Each word has 2 groups.

way    wol    sub    ort      exp     ves    

Subject Verb Agreement

4. Pick the correct word.

All students ______ computers.    has    have

The discovery of water on Mars ______ exciting.    is    are


5. Draw lines to join each word with the best synonym.

adult         humorous

guest        mature

funny        grin

bright        visitor

smile         radiant


6. Add the missing word into these sentences.

Word choices:    advance   prevent   wildly   enjoyed   thrilling    declared

Soccer is ______ by people all over the world.

The winning team will ______ to the finals.

The crowd cheers ______ when a player scores.

Word Order Scrambled Sentences

7. Unscramble this set of words to write a sentence.

read.       everything       Don't       you       believe

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1. whisper, shout; reward, punish; fresh, rotten  2. your, They're  3. subway, wolves, export  4. have, is  5. adult - mature, guest - visitor, funny - humorous, bright - radiant, smile - grin  6. enjoyed, advance, wildly   7. Don't believe everything you read.