Language Arts Skills Testing and Assessment for 3rd Grade

Questions from 12 different 3rd Grade Language Arts topics

Comparing with Adjectives and Adverbs

1. Pick the best answer.

That's the ____________ Halloween costume ever!
scary        scarier        scariest

Compound Words

2. Write the two smaller words that make up the compound word.

bedroom    ______    ______

What's a compound word that means:

a ball made of snow    ______________

Connecting Words

3. Pick the best connecting word.

The lobster was caught in the trap, _________ it was not hurt.
after        but

End Punctuation

4. Add the correct end punctuation:   .   ?   or   !

Call an ambulance now__


5. Pick the correct word.

He was stung by a _________.    bee        be

Past Tense

6. Complete the sentence by adding the past tense.

Do you know what he ____________ yesterday?    find

Write the past tense for these words:

drop _______       rob _______       hum _______


7. Complete the sentence by writing in the missing possessive pronoun.

The books belong to the students. They are __________ books.

Prefixes and Suffixes

8. Fill in the missing prefix or suffix.

not usual:   ____usual       

with or full of hope:  hope_____

Pronoun Agreement

9. Pick the right pronoun.

One of the boys lost _______ hat.    his        their


10. Write the plural for these words:

box _______        key _______       city _______              

Subject Verb Agreement

11. Pick the correct verb.

Craters _______ much of the moon.    covers        cover


12. Break these words into syllables.

review          basketball           environment

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1. scariest  2. bed room, snowball  3. but  4. !  5. bee  6. found;  dropped, robbed, hummed  7. their  8. unusual, hopeful  9. his  10. boxes, keys, cities 11. cover  12. re/view, bas/ket/ball, en/vi/ron/ment