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Teachers: Bookmark this growing collection of reading resources. For each illustrated, original poem there are 3 worksheets:

  • a full color version that can be laminated and added to a shared reading collection or literacy center
  • an illustrated black and white version suitable for individual reading, marking up or coloring
  • a large print text-only version with space for kids to create their own illustration artwork or teachers to add the sight word(s) that students are working on

Pick a set of poems to see.

Sight Word Poems for Kindergarten to 1st Grade - Set 1
Title: Sight words used:
Hop to It! a, and, can, it, so, to, too, you
At the Farm a, at, big, I, is, see, that, the, very
Hot and Cold and, cold, hot, I, in, is, it, like, not, when
I Like Winter I, fall, like, me, on, to, when
Pets a, has, have, he, I, she, you
I Want to Jump fly, in, jump, I, see, the, to, up, very, want
A New Baby Sister a, in, is, like, new, pretty, she, sleep, small, so
Up and Down a, do, down, jump, the, to, up, when, you
Sight Word Poems for Kindergarten to 1st Grade - Set 2
Title: Sight words used:
Three Yellow Ducks by, is, one, I, makes, see, that, three, two, what, yellow
Stop and Go and, go, green, red, stop, very, yellow
I Like Summer I, in, like, out, play, run, the, to
I Made a Cake a, and, eat, for, good, I, it, made, to, us, very, was
Red or Blue are, blue, but, or, red, some, too
My Friend are, I, my, play, say, thank, too, walk, we, you
A Dog in a Wagon a, and, give, I, in, is, pull, ride, see, the, with
Sight Word Poems for 1st to 2nd Grade - Set 3
Title: Sight words used:
At the Zoo a, and, at, big, brown, do, go, I, is, me, see, that, the, to, very, what, with
Silly Pets around, down, eat, he, is, my, she
Walk, Ride or Bike a, far, I, in, little, not, or, ride, shall, think, to, too, walk
Late for School and, at, be, but, for, make, me, on, play, start, the, this, up
Where is my Book? find, here, I, is, it, my, on, or, the, there, under, where

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