Frequently Confused Words Worksheet (it's, its, to, too, two)

Fill in the blank with the correct word.

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His helmet has a red star on _ side./0/its,it's Her skateboard needs more tape on _ deck./0/its,it's He put new tape on _ deck./0/its,it's Snap the tail to flip _ front wheels up./0/its,it's She hopes _ a good ride./1/its,it's _ not far to the skatepark./1/Its,It's _ deck is maple./0/Its,It's Her skateboard flips over on _ side./0/its,it's _ too dark to see./1/Its,It's _ by the tree./1/Its,It's _ harder to turn on bigger wheels./1/Its,It's _ smaller wheels make it easier to turn./0/Its,It's I like _ bigger wheels./0/its,it's Mine is faster because of _ bigger wheels./0/its,it's His board is better because of _ wheels./0/its,it's _ smaller and better for tricks./1/Its,It's _ easy to fall./1/Its,It's _ deck is too wide./0/Its,It's _ wheels are smaller./0/Its,It's I like _ painted deck./0/its,it's My board has strips that snap along _ sides./0/its,it's _ dangerous to ride without a helmet./1/Its,It's _ hard to do that trick./1/Its,It's Hayden has _ skateboards now./1/to,two Her brother has a new board _./1/to,too I like those _ boards the best./1/too,two They skateboard _ school./0/to,too The _ of them ride everywhere./1/to,two Carly, _, had a bad spill on that hill./1/to,too I want a new skateboard _./0/too,two The hill was _ steep for him./1/to,too The new park was _ far away./0/too,two I want _ learn some harder tricks./0/to,too He can do _ awesome tricks./1/to,two Can you do that trick _?/1/to,too We want _ go now./0/to,too Take it _ your brother./0/to,too Jess went _ the park./0/to,too I have _ wait until after school./0/to,too It's _ late to go out./1/to,too It's _ far to walk./1/to,too Is that _ big?/1/to,too There are _ parks that we like a lot./1/to,two Do you have _ leave so soon?/0/to,too Do you know how _ do that trick?/0/to,too Can my brother come along _?/1/to,too That board's deck is _ wide./1/to,too Are the _ of you coming now?/1/to,two