Holiday & Special Theme Free Printable Worksheets by Grade Level

Teachers and Parents: Make Basic Skills and Curriculum FUN with these holiday theme teaching resources.

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Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade

MLK Day Capitalization Worksheet +

Print Your Own Valentine's Day Cards +

Valentine's Day Rhymes for Cards +

Valentine Picture Word Match +

Valentine Word Search Worksheet +

Valentine Crossword Puzzle

Presidents and Money Match +

Presidents Day Reading Comprehension

St. Patrick's Day Word Search for Kids +

St. Patrick's Day Fill In Vocabulary +

Easter Quarters Cut Out Jigsaws +

Easter Read and Write Picture Match +

Easter Read and Write Words in Sentences

Earth Day Species Syllables +

Earth Day Word Search and Sentence Fill In for Kids +

Cinco de Mayo Read and Write Picture Match +

Cinco de Mayo Word Search and Sentence Fill In for Kids +

Mother's Day Animal Mothers and Babies +

Mother's Day Rhymes for Make Your Own Card to Cut Out +

Mother's Day Blank Cards to Write the Rhymes In

Father's Day Animal Fathers and Babies +

Halloween Counting Worksheets +

Halloween Word Problems Worksheets

Halloween Kids Word Search Worksheets +

Halloween Picture Crosswords

Halloween Jigsaws Cut Out Worksheets +

Thanksgiving Jigsaws to Cut Out +

Christmas Words Letter Printing

3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Worksheets

MLK Day Word Search +

MLK Scrambled Sentences +

MLK Reading Comprehension +

MLK Missing Words +

Robbie Burns Day Scottish Word Search +

Chinese New Year Reading Comprehension

Chinese Zodiac Math Word Problems +

Black History Fill in the Missing Words +

Black History Scrambled Quotes +

Valentine Reading Comprehension

Valentine Word Search +

Valentine Crossword Puzzle

Presidents Jigsaws +

Presidents Sentence Scrambles +

Presidents Word Searches +

St. Patrick's Day Crossword for Kids +

St. Patrick's Reading Comprehension

St. Patrick's Word Search +

Earth Hour Missing Words +

Earth Hour Word Search +

Earth Hour Scrambled Sentences +

Easter Reading Comprehension

Easter Crossword Puzzle for Kids +

Easter Missing Words Puzzle +

Easter Word Search +

Earth Day Reading Comprehension

Dark Skies Subject Verb Worksheet & Word Search +

Endangered Species Jigsaw +

Earth Day Crossword for Kids +

Earth Day Syllable Scrambles +

Earth Day Sentence Scrambles +

Earth Day Word Search +

Cinco de Mayo Reading Comprehension

Cinco de Mayo Word Search +

Cinco de Mayo Word Jumble +

Mother's Day Animal Mothers Special Vocabulary Match +

Father's Day Vocabulary: Father Animal Names Match +

Special Theme: Summer Olympics
3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Worksheets

Olympic Reading Comprehension

Olympic Missing Words +

Olympic Sentence Scrambles

Olympic Word Search +

Constitution Day Missing Words +

Constitution Day Facts and Figures

Constitution Word Search +

Metric Day Concentration +

Columbus Day Reading Comprehension

Columbus Day Missing Words +

Columbus Day Scrambled Sentences +

Columbus Word Search +

Halloween Reading Comprehension

Halloween Rhymes

Halloween Cryptogram Jokes +

Halloween Scrambled Comics +

Halloween Scrambled Sentences +

Halloween Jokes Sentence Scrambles +

Halloween Word Searches +

Thanksgiving Reading Comprehension +

Thanksgiving Rhymes

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles +

Thanksgiving Cryptogram Jokes +

Thanksgiving Jokes Sentence Scrambles +

Thanksgiving Comics Scrambles +

Thanksgiving Missing Words +

Thanksgiving Scrambled Sentences +

Thanksgiving Word Searches +

Christmas Reading Comprehension +

More Chistmas Reading Comprehension +

Christmas Picture Crosswords

Christmas Crossword Puzzles +

Christmas Word Searches +

Christmas Tessellation Jigsaws +

Christmas Scrambled Sentences +

Christmas Scrambled Jokes +

Christmas Subject Verb Agreement +

Christmas Syllables Worksheets +

Santa's Scrambled Syllables +

Christmas Missing Words +

Christmas Scrambled Comics +

5th, 6th Grade and Up Worksheets

MLK Scrambled Quotes +

MLK Memorial Quotations Missing Words +

Chinese Zodiac Picture Word Hunt +

Chinese Zodiac Math Word Problems +

Faces of Black History +

Black History Timelines +

Black History Month Reading +

Valentine Heart Root Words Puzzle +

Presidents Missing Words +

Presidents Expert Word Search +

Women's History Month Reading +

St. Patrick's Ireland Trivia Crossword +

St. Patrick's Irish Jokes Cryptograms +

St. Patrick's Irish Sayings Cryptograms +

Earth Hour or Day Climate Change Quiz +

Easter Crossword Puzzle +

Easter Cryptogram Jokes +

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle +

Memorial Day Missing Words Puzzle

Memorial Day Reading Comprehension

Special Theme: Summer Olympics
5th, 6th Grade and Up Worksheets

Olympics Picture Word Search +

Olympic Word Jumbles +

Olympic Expert Word Jumbles

Halloween Word Jumbles +

Halloween Cryptogram Comics +

Veterans Day Reading Comprehension

Thanksgiving Word Jumbles +

Thanksgiving Cryptogram Comics +

Christmas Picture Clue Word Hunt +

Christmas Tree Angles Lesson Plan +

Christmas Cryptogram Jokes +

Xmas Prism & Pyramid Nets Gift Boxes

Christmas Word Jumbles +

Christmas Cryptogram Comics +

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