Subordinating Conjunctions and Complex Sentences Worksheet

Write the best word to join the parts and make one sentence.

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Let's go to your house _ we go to the movie./after/because/and _ you blow out the candles, you can eat the cake./After/Because/But I can do my homework _ I go to the game./after/and/because You can go in _ you sign the visitor sheet./after/that/but Which way do we turn _ we pass the supermarket?/after/that/since I can go to the mall _ I do my homework./after/until/where It will be cooler _ the sun sets./after/if/where What do you want to do _ we finish this game?/after/because/while _ we saw the lightning, we waited for the thunder./After/And/As _ it snows, we have to clear the sidewalk./After/That/So We wave _ we drive away./as/because/that Carter takes the jump shot _ time runs out./as/if/where The gate swings open _ we get near it./as/and/but The team gets better _ the season goes on./as/before/where Kaitlin does a back flip _ she dives off the board./as/if/because Traffic slows down _ we get near the bridge./as/where/if The runners slow down _ they go up the hill./as/before/if Sam ducks _ the ball flies toward his head./as/where/after We watch _ the plane takes off./as/if/because It gets hotter and hotter _ the day goes on./as/if/because Josh throws up his arms _ he crosses the finish line./as/if/that Matt hums to himself _ he works./as/after/because The sky slowly turns red _ the sun sets./as/if/and Jacob went home early _ he felt sick./because/before/if Leah can't ride with us _ she forgot her helmet./because/before/but We have to wait outside _ the door is locked./because/before/and I help him _ he is my friend./because/before/but I can't see _ you're in my way./because/before/after Chloe should do it _ I did it last time./because/before/but They don't go to the beach _ it's too cold and windy./because/and/before We should reuse and recycle _ we care about the Earth./because/before/after You can't see many stars _ the lights are so bright./because/before/after Ava can't go on the ride _ she isn't tall enough./because/before/after I have to finish my homework _ I can go out./before/after/because Let's go inside _ it gets dark./before/because/and Look _ you leap./before/after/because Wash your hands _ you eat./before/as/because We finished our popcorn _ the movie ended./before/because/where Let's meet out front _ the game starts./before/after/because We have about an hour _ we have to leave./before/when/where There is one more set of stairs _ we reach the top./before/because/as _ I tell you, you must keep it a secret./Before/Because/As Bella gets there _ the others arrive./before/because/and Put on your coat _ you turn into a block of ice./before/because/as I'll do it _ you will./if/where/as We don't have to go _ you don't want to./if/as/after Let me know _ you can come next Tuesday./if/as/after We can do it faster _ we work on it together./if/before/where _ it's easier, we can meet at my house./If/Before/After The game will be called off _ it keeps on raining./if/where/because You can use the side door _ the front door is locked./if/before/after Nobody will mind _ you have to leave early./if/and/after We'll get there faster _ we take the bridge./if/where/as _ we want good seats, we should buy our tickets early./If/After/When I don't want to go _ you can't go./if/after/before _ you use that ladder, you can reach the top shelf./If/Before/Where I broke my arm _ I was only 6 years old./when/because/if We were friends _ I lived in Dallas./when/if/as They rest _ they reach the other side of the river./when/because/and We will talk about that _ everybody is here./when/if/where He waves _ he sees us./when/where/before Let me know _ you're ready to go./when/after/because _ you see Ava, tell her I'll see her next Monday./When/Because/Before Cody seemed fine _ I saw him last Friday./when/if/as Can I use that computer _ you're done?/when/before/because You will understand _ you are older./when/because/as Cover your mouth _ you sneeze./when/because/so