Adjective or Adverb Worksheet

Choose whether an adjective or an adverb (example: good or well) is required. For 3rd grade and up.

Your answer is _./0/correct,correctly She answered the question _./1/correct,correctly It is _ to swim in that lake./0/dangerous,dangerously He is tired and driving _./1/dangerous,dangerously The music is playing very _./1/soft,softly Luz is a very _ worker./0/careful,carefully Emma did _ on the test./1/good,well You can see the moon _ with binoculars./1/clear,clearly Luke behaves _ when his father is away./1/bad,badly She sings _./1/beautiful,beautifully Zee is a _ singer./0/beautiful,beautifully The test was _./0/easy,easily She walked _ home./1/direct,directly Fraser is a _ dancer./0/good,well Dustin dances very _ ./1/good,well We were _ lost in the city./1/complete,completely She always wears _ t-shirts./0/bright,brightly Ella always has _ colored hair./1/bright,brightly The driver of the car was _ hurt./1/serious,seriously There was a _ change in the weather./0/sudden,suddenly The driver of the car had _ injuries./0/serious,seriously Our new teacher is a very _ person./0/kind,kindly The sun is shining _./1/bright,brightly She feels _ enough to go out on her own./0/safe,safely His car runs _ enough to enter the race./1/good,well He thinks _ now that he is older./1/different,differently She feels _ about not visiting her grandfather./0/bad,badly Bo plays tennis as _ as Jo does./1/good,well The cake looks as _ as it tastes./0/good,well The teacher treats us _./1/good,well Carla speaks Spanish _./1/fluent,fluently He is _ upset that he lost his key./1/terrible,terribly The team played very _ yesterday./1/bad,badly That car looks as _ as new./0/good,well He passed the test _./1/easy,easily Marco speaks French _./1/perfect,perfectly I am _ sure that I am right./1/real,really My mother is a _ cook./0/terrible,terribly The fresh bread smells _./0/good,well They put out the fire very _./1/quick,quickly The teacher has an _ look on her face./0/angry,angrily Lars sounded _ when I talked to him on the phone./0/funny,funnily _, the thief entered the bank./1/Slow,Slowly The town was _ destroyed in the fire./1/total,totally My brother’s room is a _ mess./0/total,totally Speak _ so you don’t wake the baby./1/quiet,quietly Why do you walk so _?/1/slow,slowly The movie is _ over./1/near,nearly Leo lives _ the school./0/near,nearly They learned the rules very _./1/easy,easily English is not _ to learn./0/easy,easily

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