Comparison Forms of
Adjectives and Adverbs

Use the correct comparison forms of adjectives and adverbs. Recommended level: 3rd Grade and up

My sister is the _________ baby on earth.
beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful
most beautiful

Ari is _________, but his brother is smarter.
smart, smarter, smartest

The blue whale is the _________ mammal.
big, bigger, biggest

Ella is the _________ player on the team.
good, better, best

In the winter, is Chicago _________ than New York?
cold, colder, coldest

His family is as _________ as yours.
large, larger, largest

A pile of books is _________ than a pile of feathers.
heavy, heavier, heaviest

The princess is a very _________ girl.
pretty, prettier, prettiest

The basement windows are _________ than the ones upstairs.
dirty, dirtier, dirtiest

My father told me the _________ joke I have ever heard.
funny, funnier, funniest

Downhill skiing is the _________ sport I will try.
dangerous, more dangerous, most dangerous
most dangerous

That is the _________ blanket in the house.
warm, warmer, warmest

My mother baked the _________ cake I've ever eaten.
delicious, more delicious, most delicious
most delicious

This worksheet is _________ than the second grade one.
difficult, more difficult, most difficult
more difficult

My cold feels _________ than it did yesterday.
bad, worse, worst

His lawn is the _________ on the block.
green, greener, greenest

She wore the _________ hat I have ever seen.
unusual, more unusual, most unusual
most unusual

The roller coaster is a _________ ride than the ferris wheel.
exciting, more exciting, most exciting
more exciting

Jared was the _________ of the four brothers.
tall, taller, tallest

Eva is ten minutes _________ than her twin sister.
old, older, oldest

He has lost weight and looks _________ than before.
thin, thinner, thinnest

Orange juice is _________ than cola.
healthy, healthier, healthiest

That movie was the _________ movie I have ever seen!
boring, more boring, most boring
most boring

The _________ of all the paintings is the one by Monet.
expensive, more expensive, most expensive
most expensive

Is the Nile the _________ river in the world?
long, longer, longest

Moe is the _________ person I know.
lucky, luckier, luckiest

My suitcase is much _________ than yours.
heavy, heavier, heaviest

Good health is _________ than money.
important, more important, most important
more important

My teacher speaks Spanish _________.
fluently, more fluently, most fluently

Juan drives _________ than his mother.
carelessly, more carelessly, most carelessly
more carelessly

Of all the singers we heard, Jill sings the _________.
beautifully, more beautifully, most beautifully
most beautifully

Dave reads _________ than his sister.
slowly, more slowly, most slowly
more slowly

Of all the pies, apple was chosen _________ as a favorite.
frequently, more frequently, most frequently
most frequently

I go to the movies _________ than my brother does.
often, more often, most often
more often

The ballerina danced very _________.
gracefully, more gracefully, most gracefully

Of all the workers, Jay works the _________.
efficiently, more efficiently, most efficiently
most efficiently

He is _________ waiting for the game to begin.
anxiously, more anxiously, most anxiously

Nelson _________ showed us his blue ribbon.
proudly, more proudly, most proudly

I will arrive to class _________ than my friend will.
soon, sooner, soonest

Maya runs _________ than I do.
fast, faster, fastest

Of all his friends, John sees Jake _________.
often, more often, most often
most often

The teacher gives directions very _________.
clearly, more clearly, most clearly

My sister arrived at home _________ than my brother.
early, earlier, earliest

Of everyone in the family, Sam arrives home the _________.
late, later, latest

He worked _________ on his studies than he did last year.
hard, harder, hardest

Emily plays hockey very _________.
well, better, best

That's the _________ Halloween costume ever!
scary, scarier, scariest

That bicycle is _________ than this one.
cheap, cheaper, cheapest

This summer is the _________ one we've ever had.
wet, wetter, wettest

This bread is _________ than the one you bought yesterday.
fresh, fresher, freshest

Your bedroom is so _________ that you can't see the floor!
messy, messier, messiest

Is Bill Gates the _________ man in America?
rich, richer, richest

That star shines the _________ of all the stars.
brightly, more brightly, most brightly
most brightly

Ava speaks _________ than Lora does.
quietly, more quietly, most quietly
more quietly

Of all the calls today, Raj's was the _________ awaited.
eagerly, more eagerly, most eagerly
most eagerly

She was the _________ dressed person at the party.
nicely, more nicely, most nicely
most nicely

That goal couldn't have been _________ played.
perfectly, more perfectly, most perfectly
more perfectly

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