Thanksgiving Fill-in-the-Blanks Rhymes Worksheet

Some of the words from the rhyme are missing. Find them in the leaves and write them where they belong.
Extra challenge: Fold under the bottom part of the worksheet to hide the leaves and words, and then try to fill in the missing words on your own!

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Thanksgiving Reading, Games and Worksheets

I started off with just one plate,

Loving every bite I ________.

Then I grabbed another ________,

And put more stuffing in a roll.//ate//bowl//have//bowl//ate//pie I gobbled down a turkey ________,

Then I had some pumpkin ________.

Now my stomach hurts a lot,

I'll never eat again... or not.//thigh//pie//leg//cake//thigh//pie It's Thanksgiving Day, let's have a ________.

Let's eat some turkey, at the very least.

Let's play in the leaves that lie on the ________.

Then let's throw a football around.//feast//ground//ground//treat//feast//mud It’s time to spend with family,

Have a meal of ________,

On our friends let's play some pranks,

And most of all, let's give ________.//turkey//thanks//turkey//please//thanks//salad The harvest is in,

The corn is piled ________.

We say hello to autumn,

To summer we say ________.//high//goodbye//sky//high//hello//goodbye Pumpkins big and round,

Sitting on the ________,

A sign that fall is here,

Thanksgiving very ________.//ground//near//ground//table//here//near The leaves fall off the trees,

We harvest corn and ________,

The relatives appear,

Thanksgiving Day is ________!//peas//here//now//here//peas//grain How did the turkey get its name?

From a Turkish bird that looked the ________?

Or was it from "tuka," a Tamil word,

For peacock, a somewhat similar ________?//same//bird//bird//same//sound//food There once was a scarecrow named Jane,

Whose job was protecting the ________.

She scared off the birds and managed the herds,

All this without having a ________! //grain//brain//corn//clue//brain//grain There once was a baker named Ty,

Who loved making pumpkin ________.

He baked each day, gave none away,

By Thanksgiving the pile reached the ________.//pie//sky//fly//pie//sky//high It's Thanksgiving Day and time to say,

Thanks for all we have ________.

Time to feast and time to play,

Time to have a family ________.//today//day//day//dinner//way//today It's harvest time, let's pick the ________,

Harvest the corn and other greens.

Let's pick the apples off the trees,

And spend the day raking ________.//beans//leaves//beans//apples//please//leaves