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Spelling Vocabulary Words with PH

Complete the words by filling in the missing letters.
The scrambled missing letters are shown after each sentence.

An  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ph is a signature, especially a famous person’s signature. a a g o r t u
A  _ _ _ _ ph_ _ _  is something that allows sound to travel across distances so that people can speak with each other. e e e l n o t
Ph_ _ _ _ _ _  means having to do with the body or having to do with material things. a c i l s y
A ph_ _ _ _  is a group of words that express an idea but do not form a complete sentence. a e r s
_ _ _ _ _ _ ph_  is the study of natural features of the world, countries and maps. a e g g o r y
To ph_ _ _ _ _ _ _  a printed page is to make a copy of it with a machine that uses a special photographic method. c o o o p t y
A ph_ _ _ _ _  is something that appears real but doesn’t actually exist. a m n o t

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