Free printable spelling and vocabulary worksheets for words with
Latin and Greek roots, prefixes and suffixes. Recommended for 5th, 6th and 7th grade
Answers follow below.

Spelling Root Words Worksheets

Complete the words below using a dictionary or thesaurus to help.
The word part at the top of each column is a clue.
inter = between dict = say, tell
The inter_ _ _ is a system of connected computers that share information electronically.

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audi = hear audible Something loud enough to be heard is audi___ . audience An audi____ is a group of people who are listening. audio Audi_ means having to do with sound. audiovisual An audi______ aid is an aid that uses both sound and sight.**pend = hang pendant A pend___ is a piece of jewelry with a part that hangs down suspend To ___pend something is to hang it up. pendulum A pend____ hangs down and swings back and forth. depend To __pend on something is to hang on to it for support. perpendicular Something is ___pend______ to the ground if it hangs straight down.**dict = say, tell predict To ___dict something is to say it will happen before it happens. indict Before somebody can be brought to trial, a grand jury must __dict or formally accuse them of a crime. contradict To ______dict is to deny or say the opposite. edict An _dict is a decree or order.**contra = against contradict To contra____ is to deny or say the opposite. contradiction A contra_______ is a conflict between opposites. contrary Contra__ means to be opposite, for example, contra__ to expectation means unexpected. contrast To contra__ two things is to show how they are different.**hydr = water hydrant Firefighters connect their hoses to a hydr___ to get water. hydroelectric Power generated by the power of water is hydr_________ power. hydrated Drink plenty of water when you are hot so that your body will remain well hydr____. dehydrated When water is removed from something and it is dried out, it is said to be __hydr____. hydroplane Something that can glide or skim along the top of water is a hydr______. hydraulic Hydr_____ means having to do with moving water or liquid.**mono = single monochrome A mono______ color scheme uses one single color for everything. monopoly A mono____ is when one single person or company is in control. monogram A mono____ is a design with a single letter or a set of initials. monocle A mono___ is a single lens or eyeglass for one eye. monorail A mono____ is a vehicle that runs on a single rail. monotonous Something is mono______ or boringly the same when it has a single unchanging note or nature. monarch A mon____ is a single ruler such as a king or queen.**mort = death mortal Something is mort__ if it will die. immortal Something is __mort__ if it never dies. mortician A mort_____ is somebody who prepares the dead for burial. mortuary A mort____ is a funeral home.**therm = heat thermometer A therm______ is an instrument to measure temperature or heat. thermos A therm__ is an insulated container that keeps hot things hot. geothermal ___therm__ power uses the heat created by the Earth itself. thermal Something therm__ is something designed to retain heat or resulting from heat. thermostat A therm_____ is a device to keep an even temperature or heating state.**nat = born native Someone is a nat___ of an area if they were born there. natural A nat____ talent or feature is one that you were born with. nature The nat___ of something is its original, inborn state or condition. nation A nat___ is the territory or birthplace of a large unified group of people.**tech = skill technique A tech_____ is a skilled or expert method. technical Tech_____ refers to being skilled in a particular subject or craft. technology Tech______ is a set of skills and knowledge, the application of practical science. technicality A tech________ is a detail or fine point. polytechnic A ____tech___ school teaches a variety of skills.