April Fool's Day Reading Comprehension

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April Fools Day in December?

In Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries, a day similar to April Fool's Day happens on December 28.

It started out, and still is, a religious holiday called "Day of the Holy Innocents," in memory of the killing of male babies in Bethlehem by King Herod. These young victims were called "Holy Innocents" because they were too young and innocent to have committed any sins.

In ancient times, parents would whip their children to reenact and remember this bible story. Over the years, things reversed, and the Day of the Holy Innocents become a day when children played pranks on their parents.

Now, almost everyone takes part in this December 28 holiday by trying to fool others. The media reports news that is ridiculous, and children play tricks on their elders. Fortunately for teachers, the holiday falls during Christmas vacation.

Just like on April Fool's Day, after somebody plays a joke or a prank, the joker shouts, "Inocente!" or "Inocente para siempre!" which means "Innocent forever!"

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When is Day of the Holy Innocents?
January 1
April 1
December 28
December 28 In the bible story, which king ordered the killing of male babies?
King Herod
King Tut
King David
King Herod Where is Day of the Holy Innocents celebrated?
Spanish speaking countries
United Kingdom
Spanish speaking countries Day of the Holy Innocents started as a religious holiday.
It doesn't say in the story.
True What do people say after playing a joke on Day of the Holy Innocents?
April Fool!
Inocente! What is the meaning of "Inocente para siempre!"?
April Fool!
Simply innocent!
Innocent forever!
Innocent forever! Why were King Herod's victims called Holy Innocents?
They were saints.
They were under the age of 5.
They were too young to have committed sins.
They were too young to have committed sins.

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