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What is an Aye-Aye?

The aye-aye ("eye-eye") looks like a weird little gremlin. Some people have said that it looks like Dobby from the Harry Potter movies.

What is even stranger is that you are related to an aye-aye! Just like humans, apes and monkeys, an aye-aye is a member of the primate family.

The aye-aye lives in Madagascar, a large island off the south east coast of Africa.

Aye-ayes live in trees. They sleep all day and stay awake at night. Their big bright eyes help them see in the dark.

Aye-ayes have very odd hands. They have a very long bony middle finger. They use it to grab fruits and seeds and to pull insects out of trees.

This witch-like finger has gotten aye-ayes into trouble. According to legend, if an aye-aye points its long finger at you, you're dead. Even though this isn't true, people have killed aye-ayes, believing this crazy superstition. Because of this killing and a loss of their habitat, aye-ayes have become endangered.

In which country are aye-ayes found?
Madagascar Aye-aye rhymes with
sea sea
day day
my my
my my Where do aye-ayes live?
in trees
in holes in the ground
in swamps
in trees Aye-ayes sleep all day and are awake at night.
It doesn't say in the story.
True Why do aye-ayes have a long middle finger?
to scare people
to reach and grab food
to carry babies
to reach and grab food Why are aye-ayes endangered?
Their habitat is being destroyed.
People kill them for superstitious reasons.
Both are true.
Both are true. What do aye-ayes and humans have in common?
They can see well in the dark.
They are both members of the primate family.
They can both swim.
They are both members of the primate family. Why are some people afraid of aye-ayes?
They have scary eyes.
They have very sharp claws.
They believe that if the aye-aye points its finger at you you will die.
They believe that if the aye-aye points its finger at you you will die.

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