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The Lucky Underwear

Weston was a big fan of basketball player Michael Jordan. When he heard that Jordan always wore his same college shorts under his longer Bulls shorts for good luck, Weston had an idea.

Weston was on the school's basketball team, but lately he hadn't been playing well. One day, he scored the most points ever. He was wearing his special underwear, a gift from his grandmother. He thought, "That's it! They're my lucky underwear! I'll wear them to every game just like Michael Jordan!"

Weston's good luck continued. Every time he wore his lucky underwear, his team won. The only time that they lost a game was when his underwear was in the laundry. Weston decided that he would never wash them again.

Weston's family was disgusted. His underwear was smelly, torn, and dirty. But Weston continued to play well. His team won every game.

Weston's mother couldn't stand it any longer. When Weston was at school, she threw the underwear in the trash. Weston was very angry. He went to the dump and searched for hours. Finally he found them! They were in really bad shape. They were covered with dirt and smelled worse than before. Weston agreed that they were finished.

"I have an idea," said his mother. She washed them gently and cut them into ten pieces. Then she sewed each piece into ten different pairs of underwear. “Instead of having one pair of lucky underwear,” said his mom, “you now have ten.”

The next day, Weston scored 60 points, his most ever. His team won the trophy and he got the Most Valuable Player award. Weston was sure that it was all because of his lucky underwear. But his mother knew better. It wasn’t because his underwear brought him luck. It was because Weston believed they brought him luck, and that made all the difference.

Source: The Lucky Underwear
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How many pairs of lucky underwear does Weston end up with?
10 Where did Weston get the idea about the lucky underwear?
from his grandmother
from Michael Jordan
from his basketball coach
from Michael Jordan Who gave Weston his lucky underwear?
his grandmother
Michael Jordan
his mother
his grandmother After his mother threw them out, where did Weston find his underwear?
under his bed
in his locker
at the dump
at the dump Why does Weston think his underwear is lucky?
Weston plays well when he wears them.
They have lucky clovers on them.
They are the same as Michael Jordan's.
Weston plays well when he wears them. Why did Weston decide never to wash his lucky underwear?
They might get lost in the laundry.
The only time he lost a game was when they were being washed.
The color might fade.
The only time he lost a game was when they were being washed. How did Weston’s mother save his lucky underwear?
She sent them to the dry cleaners
She bought a new pair that was exactly the same.
She cut them up and sewed the pieces into other underwear.
She cut them up and sewed the pieces into other underwear.

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