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The Baby Owl and the Mop

adapted from a Metro UK news story, May 2013

Lightning, a 2-month old baby owl, has a new best friend - a mop!

When it's time to clean the floor at the owl shelter where he was born, Lightning hops out of his cage and follows the mop everywhere.

Lightning has lots of other toys, but he loves the mop better than any of them.

Carolyn Screech, who runs the owl shelter in England, says, "Lightning loves that mop. He is so playful with it and follows it everywhere."

People think that Lightning loves the mop because it looks like him. His fluffy baby owl feathers do look a little mop-like.

How old was Lightning when this story came out?
10 days
3 weeks
2 months
2 months Who is Lightning?
the cleaner of the owl center
the name of a mop
a baby owl
a baby owl Lightning is female.
It doesn't say in the story.
False Who is Carolyn Screech?
She runs the owl shelter.
She is Lightning's mother.
She wrote this story.
She runs the owl shelter. Where does Lightning live?
at a zoo in Australia
in a Canadian protected forest
at an owl shelter in England
at an owl shelter in England Why do people think Lightning loves the mop?
because the mop smells like an owl
because they look a bit alike
because the mop moves
because they look a bit alike

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